Pathway towards attaining
India’s energy security

New Era Cleantech is on the mission to realize India’s vision of "Aatamanirbhar Bharat" (Self Reliant India) to use clean gasification technology for the conversion of coal and other raw materials into chemical feedstock

Policy shift creating a favorable ecosystem
for gasification projects

Our Vision

The sole vision for us is to make gasification a commercial success for India. The gasification technology is a net-negative emissions technology that aligns with India’s commitment towards NDC, a climate action plan. Gasification produces syngas, which is converted to produce clean and economically attractive chemical feedstock. Along with low-cost carbon capture, it can cost-effectively decarbonize the industrial, power, fertilizer, and chemical sectors.

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About Us

We are a passionate organization with a singular focus to setup the gasification plants in line with the National mission. Our team is comprised of the people coming from the government advisory teams, deep academical background, Industry veterans, Innovators and entrepreneurs who have built the businesses ground up. We strongly believe in the partnership culture that creates the ecosystem between state and local government, technology providers and downstream chemical industry. We are in the process of setting up the gasification plant in the state of Maharashtra.

Our Core Values

Our People

We pride in depth and experience of our team. Our management team and advisors come from a very distinguished backgrounds such as government policy makers, Innovators, Academia, Entrepreneurs and Industry Veterans. The organizations and institutions that our team belong to are represented here.

Projects & Development India Limited ( PDIL)
Harvard Kennedy School
University of Connecticut
Projects & Development India Limited ( PDIL)
Harvard Kennedy School
University of Connecticut

Our Project

Coal Gasification is the need of the hour for the country for accelerated progress towards “Aatmanirbhar Bharat”. The project involves an investment of around USD 2.5 bn over a period of 10 years in Chandrapur district in the industrially backward region of Vidarbha. This project will be the leading torchbearer for many such projects in Maharashtra state and the country”

Socio-Economic Benefits

Job Creation

The overall ecosystem can create jobs upwards of 15,000 (direct and indirect) especially in the Vidarbha and Naxalite prone area.

Forex Savings

Forex Savings of $25-$50 Billion over 20-25 years reducing the overall import burden for the nation.

Farmers and Fertilizers

Center and State spends billions of dollars in importing and subsidizing fertilizers. This project helps reduce this burden.

Infrastructure Development

Combination of the project and cluster invites development of the region with infrastructure, healthcare, education and retail establishments.


Research and Feasibility

June 2020 – June 2022

June 2020 – June 2022

Land identification and letter to the state

Sept 2022

Letter to Coal Ministry for coal allocation

Nov 2022

Maharashtra State Cabinet Committee Approval

Dec 2022

MOU Signed with State of Maharashtra at World Economic Forum, Davos

Jan 2023



Past Events

In The News

MoUs worth Rs 1.37 lakh cr signed in World Economic Forum, Davos for investments in Maharashtra 

Giving a break-up of the Rs 42,520-crore investments finalised on Tuesday, the statement said a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with New Era Cleantech Solutions was signed to establish a coal gasification project worth Rs 20,000 crore with a capacity to generate 15,000 jobs in Chandrapur district 

coal gasification

New era to set Up $2.5 billion coal gasification plant

The three, along with some other domestic and international investors, are setting up a 5-million metric tonnes per annum (mmtpa) coal gasification project in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, at an investment of $2.5 billion under New Era Cleantech Solution.

Nod to industrial projects worth Rs 70,000 crore in Vidarbha, Marathawada, Nashik and Pune

At a meeting, Maharashtra CM underlined the significance of incentives extended by the state government to give impetus to industrial development.

Maharashtra: State Cabinet sub-committee approves investment proposals worth ₹70,000 crore

Shinde said that there is an investment friendly policy and atmosphere in Maharashtra and the government is committed to provide incentives to promote investments.

Coal Gasification Plant to Come up in Maharashtra

The coal gasification plant aims to produce syngas, hydrogen, methanol and ammonia/urea. The plant would be set up in two phases over the following five-ten years


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Coal gasification is considered a cleaner option compared to burning of coal.

Coal gasification is considered a cleaner option compared to burning of coal. Gasification facilitates utilization of the chemical properties of coal, the ministry in its statement said…

Coal gasification: Enabler for a clean energy future

By 2030, coal is expected to to be India’s most popular fuel, accounting for demand in the range of 1192-1325 million tonnes. Coal will account for approximately 48 per cent of primary energy use by 2040…

Ammonia Plant

Coal Gasification: An Indigenous and Sustainable Solution for India’s Industrial Energy Demands

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India to achieve 100 MT coal gasification by 2030

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