Pathway towards attaining
India’s energy security

New Era Cleantech is on the mission to realize India’s vision of "Aatamanirbhar Bharat" (Self Reliant India) to use clean gasification technology for the conversion of coal and other raw materials into chemical feedstock that are essential to make urea and hydrogen.

Policy shift creating a favorable ecosystem
for gasification projects

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Conference Theme: Shifting Coal from an Energy Commodity to a Chemical Feedstock

India’s only platform focusing on Coal Gasification.

13th Successful Edition of CONFERENCE – EXPO – AWARDS

15 & 16 November 2022, Hyatt Centric, New Delhi

About Us

We are a passionate organization with a singular focus to setup the gasification plants in line with the National mission. Our team is comprised of the people coming from the government advisory teams, deep academical background, Industry veterans, Innovators and entrepreneurs who have built the businesses ground up. We strongly believe in the partnership culture that creates the ecosystem between state and local government, technology providers and downstream chemical industry. We are in the process of setting up the gasification plant in the state of Maharashtra.

Our Core Values

Our People

We pride in depth and experience of our team. Our management team and advisors come from a very distinguished backgrounds such as government policy makers, Innovators, Academia, Entrepreneurs and Industry Veterans. The organizations and institutions that our team belong to are represented here.

Projects & Development India Limited ( PDIL)
Harvard Kennedy School
University of Connecticut


What is coal gassification?

Coal is best known for its role supplying electricity throughout the United States—nearly half of the country’s electricity comes from coal…

Explained: How coal gasification can help India reduce its energy import

According to a press release by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers, the decision is geared towards reducing India’s reliance on imports and helping the country meet its CoP-21 Paris Agreement commitments…

Coal gasification is considered a cleaner option compared to burning of coal.

Coal gasification is considered a cleaner option compared to burning of coal. Gasification facilitates utilization of the chemical properties of coal, the ministry in its statement said…

Coal gasification: Enabler for a clean energy future

By 2030, coal is expected to to be India’s most popular fuel, accounting for demand in the range of 1192-1325 million tonnes. Coal will account for approximately 48 per cent of primary energy use by 2040…

Ammonia Plant

Coal Gasification: An Indigenous and Sustainable Solution for India’s Industrial Energy Demands

India is a developing country and one of the lifelines of development is available energy at economicaland sustainable rates…

India to achieve 100 MT coal gasification by 2030

With environmental concerns and development of renewable energy, diversification of coal for its sustainable use is inevitable…

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